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This is a 1 hour class and it’s taught in an easy to follow, step by step class. Learn the dynamic graceful movements of the Crane form, from the White Tiger 5 Element Qigong, combined with a standing meditation, Meridian Qigong warm up exercises and we will close the practice with the 5 Element standing meditation . You will transform excess desire, and excess emotions and cravings into peace, contentment, balance & gratitude.

This Qigong is a dynamic form that combines beautiful, graceful movements along with Qigong meditation, deep Qigong breathing techniques and a strong, focused spirit.

Crane is associated with the Fire element and the heart organ and the emotion associated with the heart is excess desire . In this class you will transform emotions to leave you feel healthier, happier and emotionally balanced.

Crane Movements are expansive and rising like the element of fire. It opens up the chest and pumps the heart. It helps to calm you, bringing you feelings of peace and tranquility. It relieves tight shoulders and chest as well as strengthens the legs and back.

In this class you are squeezing toxins and emotions out of the organs like a sponge, and wringing out the meridians like a towel then stretching the body to open the area up, leaving you feeling peaceful, relaxed and focused.

This class will help to improve your overall well-being along with strengthening your arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders

Key Concepts

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