5min Acupressure routine to improve your health & Wellbeing

Your 5min to Self-care to boost your immune system & improve your overall well-being.

These 2 Acupuncture points can be massaged on both hands and both legs .
It’s good to massage both sides right / left .

Not only will this technique boost your immune system, overall health & Wellbeing , both of these points will help calm the mind if you are worried or anxious

He Gu (hand point ) large intestine point responsible for disposing of waste in the body, mind & spirit . This point can play an important role in letting go on all levels. Only by letting go of at the source of suffering can a person begin to re-experience inspiration & true zest for life .
This point is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Zu San Li (leg point ) will help you Mentally & spiritually, it can bring great stability to people feeling emotionally
unstable or insecure

Enjoy your 5min to better health

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