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This is a 1 hour class and it’s taught in an easy to follow, step by step class.  Step into your own power and learn the dynamic powerful movements of the Leopard form, from the White Tiger 5 Element Qigong, combined with a standing meditation, Meridian Qigong warm up exercises and we will close the practice with the 5 Element standing meditation . You will transform Anger & Frustration into Forgiveness and Acceptance. 

Leopard is associated with the wood element and the liver organ and the emotion associated with the liver is anger and frustration . In this class you will transform emotions to leave you feel healthier, happier and emotionally balanced. 

Leopard will strengthen the legs, bum, hips, core arms, back neck, shoulders.By bending sideways, you will activate the Lateral lines of your body, this allows the tight fascia to unwind to give you more freedom of movement with increased flexibility & mobility.

The Leopard form targets the liver, the organ that is associated with anger and toxicity, that must purify our bodies so that we are not consumed by those things that might harm us. 

The liver filters and detoxifies the blood, produces hundreds of enzymes and hormones, and regulates the volume of circulating blood. Oftentimes, due to poor diet, stress, irritability, and inactivity, the Liver becomes clogged and sluggish. For this vital organ to work properly, it must become decongested and supple.

This class will help to improve your overall well-being along with strengthening your whole body.


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