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This is a 1 hour class and it’s taught in an easy to follow, step by step class. learn the dynamic slithering movements of the Snake form, from the White Tiger 5 Element Qigong, combined with a standing meditation, Meridian Qigong warm up exercises and we will close the practice with the 5 Element standing meditation . You will transform Worry & Anxiety into feeling nurtured, supported, feeling calm, centered and grounded, 

Snake is associated with the earth element and the spleen organ and the emotion associated with the spleen is worry & anxiety. In this class you will transform emotions to leave you feel healthier, happier and emotionally balanced. 

Snake is a full body workout and will strengthen and open your hips, core, arms, legs, thighs, back, neck, shoulders , This Qigong feels like it goes deep into the body and tissues when done correctly.

The snake works on the spleen – an organ that in Chinese Medicine is related to the digestion of food Qi – getting nutrition from food and good digestion. The spleen has a tendency to get too damp, and when the spleen is damp mucus can form, digestion goes off, and we can experience anxiety or worry.

The Snake form opens with the snake slithering up the body, looking back, creeping through the grass, and returning to the center of the body. The ‘creeping through the grass’ movement compresses the organs, squeezing them out like a sponge. The organs are further expanded as the torso returns to the center of the body, and thus absorb fresh energy.

This class will help to improve your overall well-being along with strengthening your whole body. 


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