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“I decided my mission in life would be to learn how to help others, using these amazing ancient healing systems.

I really hope that the tools and practices that have changed my life and those of many others can help you feel good and lead you to a healthy, happy, balanced life”.



Founder of Oxygen

Hairdresser to a Wellness Practitioner,  Qigong  and Meditation Teacher.

Hi, I’m Alwyn and I welcome you to read my story and my journey and how and why I changed my path from a Hairdresser to a Wellness Practitioner,  Qigong  and Meditation Teacher.

I’m the founder of Oxygen.
I’m a curious soul who loves to explore and travel to learn about ancient wisdom in modern times . I have dedicated the last decade of my life to my own personal growth and personal development.

I was a Creative Hair Stylist for 20 years.
My passion and creativity drove me to open my business Oxygen Hair Design which was established in 2008

I’m currently the Creative Director of Oxygen, but in 2015 my Injuries from years of hairdressing got the better of me, there was days I couldn’t drive my car, carry a shopping bag or carry out simple daily tasks so I had no choice other than not to continue as a hairdresser. It was at this time I had to make one of the toughest  decisions of my life to give up my passion as a creative stylist. At the time I was devastated  because this was my passion and I felt this is all I know, it was my life.

In my younger years as a child I would style my family and friends hair so styling hair was ingrained in me from a very young age. I  always knew from a very young age that I would grow up to be a hairdresser. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else .

Alwyn Rea

When my injuries got the better  of me, I continued as an educator within the hairdressing industry and still today I’m very passionate about teaching and inspiring others by integrating both Qigong, Meditation, Hair & Wellness.

Due to my injuries I experienced chronic physical & emotional  pain on a daily basis from years of hairdressing along with the emotional disharmony that I experienced when my brother was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour which he passed away within a short period of time after his diagnosis,  and my mother also passed away unexpectedly, all within the space of five weeks of each other.

During this time I was in college studying Chinese Medicine and because of my painful experience, I immersed myself deeper into my studies to self heal and delved deeper into practicing ancient healing methods like Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Medical Qigong , Ayurvedic self care practices, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki and various energy treatments. At the time I felt my studies and practices were an amazing self care tool that helped me turn my struggles into strength.

Soon after graduating as a Chinese medicine practitioner I carried on to study and graduate as a practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy based on the principles around osteopathic medicine.

I spent precious time with my brother for the last few weeks of his life. It was at this moment in time when I realised how precious life is and I was opened up to a whole new world of energy healing through Chinese medicine & Acupuncture.

While treating my brother, I was amazed by witnessing the comfort and ease he experienced from receiving acupuncture treatments. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about this ancient wisdom and healing system.

In 2018 I graduated as a Chinese medicine practitioner and this new journey led me to travel to India & Thailand in 2019 to learn more about ancient wisdom . 

I attended a White Tiger Qigong teacher training course in Thailand in 2019 to delve deeper into self healing through movement and meditation and it was this ancient powerful practice I found to be the most effective alongside acupuncture for my own personal healing journey. In 2021 throughout lockdown I certified as a level 2 White Tiger Qigong instructor.

My Mission

I decided my mission in life would be to learn how to help others, using these using these amazing ancient healing systems.

I really hope that the tools and practices that have changed my life and those of many others can help you feel good and lead you to a healthy, happy, balanced life”.

My intention is to create and hold a safe space to teach, support & guide with a gentle holistic approach to those who truly want to enhance their wellbeing , to ignite transformation & positive change in their lives from the inside out so they can allow for healing and transformation to lead them to their authentic self to live a happier, healthier more balanced life along with cultivating inner peace and vitality.

My self healing path also led me to expand my business in 2019 into the world of Wellness – Oxygen Mind, Body, Soul. Wellness & Education Centre. I specialise in a combination of well-being treatments & self care practices, including Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Oxygen Infusion Scalp Therapy for Preventative Hair Loss,  Prescriptive and Stress Relief & Relaxation scalp treatments, Acupressure Scalp Massage, along with both Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda self care practices.

I’m committed to expanding my studies and committed to increasing awareness of these amazing ancient healing systems and encouraging people to master their own health and offer support and guidance to those who truly want to make a difference in their life, health & wellbeing.

I’m currently studying Vedic Meditation, Health &  Wellness based around the principles of Ayurveda with Chopra Education.  

Teachers & Mentors

The last decade of my life has been a Journey to self healing and when you embark on the road to self healing you will need support and guidance. If I’m honest parts of the journey can be challenging but also very rewarding,. I personally believe when you’re going through life changes  it’s  important to reach out for support. So over the course of my Journey I’m forever grateful that  I met some remarkable teachers and mentors who made a huge positive influence in my life. Here are some of the people I continue to learn from who support me offering  the best possible advice. With heart felt gratitude to my teachers and mentors , starting in the order from first (10yrs ago) to last (now)  for when they came into my life. 

1. Dave Ahern – Always offers great support and guidance and teaching me all things energy.

2. John Collins – Always offers great support & guidance. Teaching me various  practices on how to work with my intuition and getting to know and protect  my own energy.  Mentoring me for my personal and business development. 

3. Loretto Collins – Always offers  guidance with loving and caring support, Teaching me everything about crystals, Reiki and various Energy therapies, offering me stress relief & relaxation treatments to help me stay in balance. 

4. Mick Ryan (Yogi Mick) My yoga teacher offering beautiful relaxing traditional yoga and meditation classes, teaching the philosophy of yoga, such an amazing  teacher and one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met, always  there to offer support and put a smile on your face.

 5. Mary Edwards – Always offers loving and caring support with guidance to help  me to stay on the right path and teaching me shamanic practices. 

6. The late Eddie Dowd-  My Chinese medicine, and acupuncture college Tutor  . It was a privilege to learn from Eddie, he had a wealth of knowledge. 

7. White Tiger Qigong Master Tevia Feng and his team –  An amazing team who have shared  and taught me , and continue to teach me the life changing self healing practice  of  Qigong and Meditation.

8. Matthew Jessner Qigong teacher-He has been such a positive  influence with my qigong journey and I truly believe  I wouldn’t of progressed without him. He has taught me and mentored me how to improve in my qigong practice, Matthew was the icing on the cake for me because I came to a standstill with my practice and I struggled with some positions as I thought that my body just couldn’t go there but he taught me how to demystify the movement so my body could move into the posture correctly without any injury. Matthew continued to teach and  mentor me after my WTQ Certification so I could deliver the correct instructions  while teaching  my students.

8. Chopra Education – Founder Dr Deepak Chopra & the late David Simon. I studied under the Chopra Education Team and they continue to share and teach me Health & Wellness, Meditation and Well-being coaching.

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