Kemon Actyva BENESSERE SHAMPOO 250ml (sensitive scalp)


This formulation is infused with plant-based extracts and essential oils that soothe and decongest the scalp, leaving strands with vitality, soft and light.

Cleanses very gently, giving a sensation of relief and well-being.

Its gentle formula makes it particularly suited for frequent use.

The scalp can become overly sensitive and cause discomfort. This scalp condition is mainly induced by pollution and stress, but can also be related to incorrect eating habits and the use of excessively aggressive cosmetic products . Sensitive scalp is often itchy ,red and particularly reactive to touch . The scalp can also be very dry and tight due to lack of fatty substances and a poor moisture level which can result in fragility scailingand discomfort.


Used regularly, it helps to maintain the scalp’s normal sensitivity.

Size: 250ml

Key ingredients:
velian complex and extracts of chamomile, cornflower, Wild lime tree, calendula and St. John’s wort, essences of bergamot, lavender, lemon and geranium

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan .

Additionally, its packaging is made of Green Polyethylene.

Directions for use

Apply to the hairline in sections. Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top of the head.

Massage with a circular motion. Emulsify, rinse and blot. Repeat if necessary.

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