Oxygen Mind Body Soul – We are a unique Wellness & Education Centre, We help you to feel good from the inside out, restoring balance in your life using Eastern and Western Wellness Modalities combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science for modern Life

Highly recommend Alwyn's qigong classes. Qigong always caught my attention ,even though ,I wasn't really sure of what it involved ,I knew I would like to try it ...and the right teacher appeared .. Alwyn 's love and passion for teaching qigong are inspiring , the techniques, information,just flowed effortlessly. I felt the classes really helped with my body aches and pains , the movements were gentle and slow ,but you were stretching the whole body . And a fabulous meditation afterwards to integrate it all...Thanks Alwyn ,cant wait for more.

Alwyn is an amazing and gifted practitioner. The rooms are lovely and relaxing, and the acupuncture sessions I had with her made a significant impact on my health and mental wellbeing. I would recommend her treatments to anyone!

Alwyn is gifted in acupuncture and cranial therapy . She worked with me from pre-pregnancy right through my pregnancy, enhancing my overall experience with the support of her relaxing, nurturing and healing treatments.  Alwyn is amazingly intuitive in her work and uses a holistic approach, based on her expertise in Chinese medicine, customising her recommendations to support overall wellbeing.   Our little boy loved Alwyn’s treatments too.

What a very special and talented lady Alwyn is. Her sessions are AMAZING! She is such a gentle soul and I find myself transformed after every session with a new burst for life. She has tremendous insights into what my body needs and I happily travel over 2 hours each way for her sessions! I’m already excited for my next session!!

I was lucky enough to take part in Alwyn’s qigong Classes in oxygen mind body and soul . Going in I had no idea what to expect , as I had never heard anything about qigong prior to this and didn’t really know weather or not it would be for me or if I would be even able to do it . But I can honestly say I absolutely loved it and it very quickly became that class that I looked forward to every single week and that hour and a half was for me , and ended up signing up to the next course ❤️ Over time I noticed big changes in myself such as I had way more energy , my mood changed , I was a more positive person ! And I noticed a big differance in my flexibility! Alwyn was a fantastic teacher , she made the experience both fun and relaxing , and really took the time to show us each move and was extremely patient and friendly with all of us 🙂 . She also explained a lot about qigong in a way that was easy to understand and why we were doing each move and what it helped with , which was extremely interesting .I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to alwyn and give qigong a go, you will not be disappointed ❤️🤗

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