The Medical Qigong Experience

A personalised prescribed medical qigong routine for inner balance and harmony through the refined skill of various movements and breath techniques.

Eliminating both emotional build up and physical injuries and pain from your body, mind, internal organs and meridians. 

Learn the tools, movements and techniques to feel emotional balanced, physically stronger 

Discover the Hidden Well Spring of Power in your Body through a personalised medical Qigong program, movement medicine for your body, mind & spirit – Medical Qigong is a  powerful and effective meditative movement & exercise system used to cultivate inner peace and vitality,  and promote healing and wellness.

I will teach you, your personalised Qigong Movements to get you started on your journey to wellbeing. 

Your Qigong routine will require more than one movement, so it’s advisable to book a few sessions, to make sure I can teach you all movements in a safe manner.

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